The future is eclectic

heavy batteries

Would you carry an elephant around on your car roof and call that efficient?

Well, some electric car manufacturers seem to think so. Electrification is the future, yes. But not the way we’ve been told. Especially in urban settings where weight is the main bar none factor affecting consumption.
Imagine how much energy, CO2 emissions and pollution could we save just by making every single car, van and truck around the globe 15-20% lighter

An e-REX equivalent to a traditional 2000cc engine weights just 35kg!

This allows you to have a full range extender powertrain (including motors, alternators, batteries…) within the same space and weight of a traditional engine saving energy cost by up to 40%1.


Smaller battery, more range

If you want to save the world, make batteries small.”
Battery resources are scarce & expensive and with 90% of the daily mileage of light duty vehicles being under 100km, this means any battery over 15kwh is a wasted battery 90% of the time2.

So with the environment as our concern, would you rather have 1 BEV on the road working electric 100% of the time or 6 e-REX working electric 90% of the time?

Making many 15 kwh batteries is a more responsible efficient use of scarce resources than making a few 100 kWh batteries.

No charging network needed. No grid upgrades required. No worries for apartment and condo dwellers. No range anxiety. Nothing but cleaner skies3.


The future is eclectic

Almost every car manufacturer is pouring R&D funding into just pure electrification disregarding the negative climate impact this has.

Instead of looking only at tailpipe emissions we need to conduct a full life cycle assessment of such solutions if we really want them to be sustainable. Doing otherwise is irresponsible and sooner rather than later reality will catch up. Climate change is global. Global warming is global. Any real solution has to be a global solution.

Electric motors are cleaner and more efficient, liquid fuel and ICE are lighter, more power dense and provide autonomy/protection against hazards. The future demands taking the best of both worlds in a combined solution.

The future is eclectic.

The future is INNengine e-REX