Rex Bull has wings

Meant for the delight of high-end hobby enthusiast with a focus on aviation. Our first prototype which has already achieved TRL8 is a gamechanger in the RC world and the first limited series of 200 units has already started production. Get yours now before it’s too late!

Rex Bull


If we had to describe with just one word what the Rex Bull is intended for that word would be: extreme.

But you might say, hang on a second, wasn’t this engine especially meant for RC aircraft? And you would be right because the main attributes of the Rex Bull, namely extreme power, extreme lightness & extreme vibrationless do specially shine in airborne experiences.

But these attributes certainly won’t hurt when enthusiast of the extreme take the Rex Bull to their preferred sport or hobby. Whether is karting or motocross, in water or air the Rex Bull will be your crazy companion whenever having fun is the end goal.

Rex Bull

Small but mighty

At just 125cc the Rex Bull’s air cooled 4 cylinders deliver 21’5hp @ 6000 rpm that is about 80% more power than any other naturally aspirated engine. Yes, almost double the power. The Rex Bull can do this thanks to having twice as many power strokes per cylinder than a 2 stroke engine and 4x that of a 4 stroke one.
We like to call it: a 1Stroke engine.

Each and everyone of our engines is tested before shipping in our own test bench to ensure only the best quality&performance is delivered. Enjoy.

Rex Bull

Aerospace Grade Materials

When we set to building the Rex Bull we didn’t want to make just another hobby engine but the best in terms of both power and quality. Using our years of expertise, we handpicked the best materials available such as aerospace grade aluminium 7075-T6 and 6082-T6 used by the likes of Airbus. Max quality steel F-1272 (34CRNIMO6) & F-1252 (42CRMO4) used for engineering.

Rex Bull

Precision Machining

At the core of our quality promise lies our in-house precision machining process. Using cutting edge machinery such as the Mazac Integrex i-200s we deliver precision to the tenth of a micron. That’s right, 0.000004 inches. Not too bad.

Rex Bull


They say the devil is in the details but certainly not in our Rex Bull where each individual part has been treated to maximize its working performance. Whether hard anodized, tempered or nitrided, each surface has been carefully prepared to withstand the demands of their environment. In other words: because you demand the best, we offer the best.

Rex Bull


In designing the Rex Bull and throughout the entire development stage we used the same simulation methods and design optimization employed to develop its bigger brother the e-REX. From the get go we decided we didn’t want to compromise on quality and that we wanted to give you the best product technology can offer.

Rex Bull

Formula 1 Sound.

Speaks for itself.